Manage Voicemail Greetings

Clicking the manage icon as seen in figure will take you to the manage greeting page as seen in figure selecting the Upload option will allow you to upload a new voicemail greeting by selecting a file from our computer.

 Selecting the Record options allows you to record a greeting by calling you at a local extension or full phone number. Then clicking the call button. The system will then call you at the number entered and you will be able to record your greeting. You can record multiple greetings. After they have been uploaded you can Download them, Edit them, or Delete them. 

Under the Greetings you will see the Unified Messaging options which will allow you to manage your email notifications. If you would like to receive email notifications, change the option from none to the email notification setting you would like. Send with hyperlink, will send your email with a hyperlink to the voicemail.

  1. Recorded Name

The Recorded Name option as seen in figure allows you to record your name which will be played when the company directory says your name. If no recording is uploaded the system will read your name off by each letter. When clicking the Manage icon the Manage Recorded Name window appears as seen in figure which will allow you to upload a recording from your computer. Or record a new name by clicking the record and having the system call you to record.

  1. Unified Messaging

The Unified Messaging center as seen in figure 4.6.4 allows you to control your email notifications for voicemails and missed calls. 


  1. Email Notification

The Email Notification options as seen in allows you to select if you would like to receive an email notification when a voicemail is left and what to do with the voicemail if an email notification is sent. 



    Voicemail Transcription

The Voicemail Transcription option allows you to select if you want voicemail transcription enabled, a service that translates a voicemail message into text, and which service provider you would like to use for transcription if any are available. 


  1. Send email when mailbox is full

The Send email when mailbox is full option will send you an email when you’ve gone over your mailbox data storage limit. 


  1. Send email after missed call

Enabling the Send email after missed call will email you each time you miss a call even if the caller does not leave a voicemail.


  1. 4.6.5


For any of the changes to take effect you must click the Save button at the bottom of the page as seen in figure 4.6.5. The Cancel button will disregard any changes made.