Making Calls

Making a call with your phone does not require a leading 9.  You can dial on-hook or off-hook. 

➢ To dial on-hook 

1. Dial the phone number. 

2. Pick up the handset, headset, or speaker. 

➢ To dial off-hook 

1. Pick up the handset, headset, or speaker. 

2. Dial the phone number. 

Calls to the US and Canada are all dialed using 10 or 11 digits. 

Making International Calls

➢ To dial an international call 

1. Dial the international call code 011.

2. Dial the country code. 

3. Dial the local number. 

International calling is commonly disallowed to prevent toll fraud. 

Extension Dialing

Extensions on your system can be dialed using their 3-to-4 digit extension or by pressing the button on your phone corresponding to the desired extension.


VoIP phones provide an intercom feature that allows you to instantly connect to other phones within your office. Intercom functionality is ideal for announcing visitors or asking a quick question. When one phone intercoms another extension, it does not ring the other phone. Instead, the other phone will beep, and then its microphone and speaker turn on.

Press Intercom and your parties 3 or 4 digit extension