1.  Homepage Layout

Figure 2.3

The Homepage consist of your application selection at the top and widgets that display information regarding the domains activity as seen in figure 2.3 below. 

  1. Call Graph

The Call Graph widget as seen in figure 2.3.1 gives a visual representation the Call Graph allows you to visually graph the number of calls by:


  1. Peak Active Calls

The number of concurrent calls places at one time.

  1. Call Volume

Includes answered calls, abandoned calls, forwards, and voicemail.

  1. Total Minutes

Total minutes shows the total number of minutes your organization has used.


  1. Current Active Calls



 The Current Active Call widget as seen in figure 2.3.5 displays all current calls your organization currently has connected. Displayed with the caller ID phone number and name of the person placing the call. The number they dialed. The application the call is being sent to such as user, Auto Attendant, voicemail, etc. Followed by the duration of the connected call. The speaker icon as seen in figure 2.3.5.a to the right of the call will allow you to monitor the call.



    Cal Monitoring

When clicking on the speaker icon will display the Audio Monitoring widget as seen in figure which will allow you to select from the following audio monitoring options. 

  1. Join Call

Will Allow you to join the call so you can speak to all parties on the line.

  1. Whisper to

This option allows you to speak only to the user’s extension that is on the call. The person on the other side of the call will not be able to hear you.

  1. Listen Only

Listen only allows you to listen or monitor the call without anyone being able to hear you.