1. Your Time Frames

 The Time Frames icon as seen in figure 4.9 will take you to the Time Frames application center. Time Frames are a set period of time which covers when we want certain events to occur, such as our phone to ring. 


 We create Time Frames with different time and date ranges so we can apply them to answering rules which then allow you to control how calls are routed depending on the time of the day the call occurs. 

Figure 6.1

Figure 4.9

To view and create your available Time Frames click on the Time Frame icon in the top navigation menu bar. Here you will see all the time frames available for you as displayed in figure 4.9. Time frames with names in black and without the option to edit or delete are time frames created at the domain level that are available to everyone in the domain to use. You can only edit the time frames with blue name that you created. If you need domain level Time Frames changed contact your Office Manager.

  1. Adding Time Frames

Figure 6-1-1

 To create a time frame, click on the Add Time Frame button as seen in figure 6.1. After clicking Add Time Frame button the Add Timeframe window will appear as seen in figure 6.1.1


The Name field allows you to give the Time Frame a name that will help identify the rule. The name cannot be changed once the rule as been created. If you want to change the name delete the rule and recreate it with the new name.

 Under the name field, you see three options for when the time frame should be in effect: 

  1.  Always

This option makes this rule always in effect 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days per year. 


  1. Days of the week and times

Which allows you to select specific days of the week and the hours in the day you want the time frame to take effect. When selecting this option, the days of the week appear with a check box that allow you select which days you would like the time frame active. Once selecting a day of the week, a blue bar appears allowing you to slide the ends to when you would like the time frame to stop and start as seen in figure If would like your time frame to be in effect from 7am to 7pm, simply click on the edge of the blue bar and slide them over to the desired time as seen in figure

If you’d like a break in the middle of the time frame click the plus sign next to the 11:59m as seen in figure You will then see another blue bar appearing representing when the time frame will take effect as seen in figure 6-1-5. 

  1. Specific dates or ranges

 This option will allow you to configure a time frame to be in effect for specific dates. After selecting the Specific date or ranges options you will see the to and from dates as seen in figure 

When clicking in the To or From date fields a calendar will appear as seen in figure

Then select the end date you would like the time frame to start and stop. Below the calendar is the Hour and Minute options so you can configure your time frames to start and stop certain hours on the selected dates. 

 Clicking the plus sign will all you to add more date ranges for the time frame to be in effect.

Once a Time Frame has been created you can change the time frame and time by clicking the edit icon next to it. To remove the time frame, click the delete icon next to the time frame as seen in figure