1.  Messages


 The Messages icon on your account level as seen in figure 4.4 is where all your voicemails, chat messages, and account settings for voicemail options are stored.


  1. 4.4.1


Clicking the Message Center will take you to the voicemail tab. On the top of the tab, you will see a new message indicator showing how many (if any) new voicemails your account has as seen in figure 4.4.1.


Underneath the tab selection you will see a drop down as seen in figure 4.4.1.a to display new voicemails, saved messages, or trashed messages.   

On the new page you can see all your new voicemail messages displayed with the caller’s phone number. The Caller ID name, along with the date, time, and duration of the message as seen in figure 4.4.1.b. 

To the right of the message and message information you will see the voicemail management options as seen in figure 4.4.2.