Music on Hold


  • Music on Hold for regular callers
  • Music on Hold for a specific extension
  • Music on Hold for Call Queues

Music on Hold for Callers

Advanced Hosted Services provides default music to be used for regular on hold music.  You may change this by uploading your MP3 or WAV files to this setup area in a domain.

Note:  The MOH used for a conference bridge is fixed and not configurable. 

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Chaining Queues

It is sometimes desirable to have multiple call queues in a single call flow. When this is done, the system behavior is to use the Music on Hold from the first queue only. This means that when a caller enters the second (or other subsequent) queues, the MOH file will pick up where it ended from the first call queue.

Music on Hold for a specific extension

To apply a MOH file to a specific extension, type in the extension in the search field first, then select the extension. This brings you to a page where you can add the specific extension's MOH by clicking on the Add Music button.  A dialog box will open where you can click on the Browse button to select the music file and click Upload to finish.

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